The Anxiety Map Programme incorporates awareness training, consultancy and programmes to find practical solutions to issues people experiencing anxiety may face when accessing public spaces. 


How does AMP work?

We are working with businesses, venues and organisations to look at how living with anxiety can impact day to day living and increase social isolation and loneliness. Our training programmes help promote understanding about the challenges around living with anxiety and how small adjustments to public spaces can make a huge difference. We are also developing maps of venues and their facilities to provide easy access for people navigating public spaces to find a space where they can manage feelings of anxiety and be met with a supportive and compassionate response.

Why is this important?

For many people, living with an anxiety or panic disorder can make everyday activities overwhelming and frightening. By creating spaces within towns and cities for people to take a moment and by raising awareness and understanding through training, we can make these activities easier and more accessible to all.

How can I become involved with AMP's work?

You can become more involved in our work in the following ways:

How do I get in touch?

You can get in touch via email or via our social media channels.