Research and Focus Groups

In order for The Anxiety Map Programme (AMP) to make public spaces more accessible, we want to hear lived experiences of living with anxiety:

- How does it impact your day to day life?

What activities do you find difficult? 

- How can things be made easier for you?

There will be many different answers to these questions and it's not always possible to get everything exactly right. This is why AMP wants to develop a communication model where lived experience can be shared, questions can be asked and support can be adapted to what is needed at that time. We want to open up a dialogue between where organisations ask themselves:

- how can we adapt our venues and premises?

- how can we support people living with anxiety to access our venues and premises?

- how do we continue to learn and communicate around anxiety access?

Through sharing lived experiences, we can shape anxiety accessibility in our public spaces and take a huge step to reducing social isolation and loneliness. You can share your experiences in the following ways:

- Attend one of our quarterly lived experience focus groups.

- Take part in online surveys.

We are also inviting lived experience responses to venues and organisations we are working with. These invitations will be shared on our website and via our social media channels, as well as the communication channels of those venues. 

The aim of AMP is to support people living with anxiety to access public spaces in a safe and accessible way. Your voice can help us in our mission.