Ever felt like you want to take part in an activity or class but your anxiety

has gotten in the way? 

Had lots of questions and worries about a class and you

just didn't know if you could ask? 

The Anxious Exercise Club is here to help. 

Using our activity directory, you can locate activity providers and instructors,

the format and venues of their classes, facilities available and how you can get in

contact. Any instructor signed up to the programme is happy for you to get in

contact and ask questions about the class to provide you with the information to

make attending the class comfortable and accessible. 

The Anxious Exercise Club is supported by This Girl Can Nottingham and Get Out Get Active Nottingham.

‘This Girl Can is so excited to work with the Anxious Exercise Club. The work that they are doing will go a long way to helping ease some of the barriers that women face when taking those first steps to exercise.'

'‘Get Out Get Active Nottingham is delighted to be working with The Anxious Exercise Club and their invaluable work to support people to access and provide inclusive and friendly physical activity provision across the city. Their work compliments our values of ensuring physical activity is accessible to all and we look forward to continuing to work together.’