Founder and Director

Claire Henson

Board of Advisors

Ali Hannon

My name is Ali Hannon and I’m an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and comedy performer. I’m delighted to be supporting the Anxiety Map Programme in my capacity as a member of their advisory board.


My day job focuses on helping workplaces across the UK create greater feelings of belonging, particularly for marginalised and underrepresented members of staff. A significant outcome of this process is improving psychological wellbeing – something that helps everyone to bring their best to work. Creating environments where people feel safe and supported can completely transform the performance of a business. The Anxiety Map programme is a wonderful example of how small changes can help create a culture of support for those experiencing anxiety and help them to realise their potential.


I’m also someone who lives with anxiety, and more specifically a diagnosis of Mixed Anxiety and Depressive Disorder. I understand how the symptoms of anxiety can be a tough challenge to overcome at times – but how greater support and understanding can make a huge difference in improving our experience of the world.